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  • Stack Rock Fort was built in 1852 as part of the fortifications for Milford Haven Harbour. It stands alone on rocks 700m from the shore with commanding views out to the Irish Sea.
  • It is a well-known local landmark for locals and visitors to the area, and consistently excites the imagination of everyone who has seen it.
  • Stack Rock Fort CIC want to purchase and restore the island and its accommodation into a residential activity centre for both local people and visiting groups from the UK and abroad
  • We would like to be able to provide safe access to this building for many years to come.
  • To provide leisure and recreational activities on and around the fort
  • To provide access to land based attractions and activities throughout the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast
  • To create an unique approved diving centre with facilities both in and around the fort as well as supported diving in local established diving sites
  • Cater for community groups (e.g. Scouts, Cadets, Youth Groups)
  • Provide a resource/service for Service Veterans
  • Creating a centre for commercial organisations for team-building breaks and conferences
  • There has been a positive initial response from local agencies


Stack Rock Fort has been a mainstay of the community, with many a fond memory being made nearby. I can remember climbing on to Stack Rock from a canoe in my youth and I’m certain that there are many other locals who have similar experiences. Development of this iconic building will benefit the local community in a number of ways:

  • Creating jobs for local people
  • Attracting tourism
  • Boost local economy
  • Benefits to community-based and disadvantaged user groups
  • Retention of a listed building
  • Enhances the leisure-led focus of local development
  • This is an ongoing project. Stack Rock Fort CIC is a non-profit making organisation, and all funds will be reinvested to constantly improve the facilities for the benefit of the visitors.


A forecasted 5 year project to develop Stack Rock Fort into a fully operable venue
Some leisure activities will be possible during the staged restoration process
The initial crowd-funding process will take 4 – 6 weeks in order to secure the building as a community asset
Following a feasibility study the funding applications are likely to take up to 12 months


To restore and preserve a Grade 2-listed building and scheduled ancient monument, which is also a site of Specific Historical Interest, as a residential activity centre for local service users and visiting tourists. To undertake this project through the vehicle of a not-for-profit, community interest company that will aim to serve and benefit the local community.


The company cannot generate income through the sale of an interest in the company because, under the Companies Act, it cannot have a share capital, so there can be no shareholders.


The first and most obvious risk is securing ownership of the property. Without this, everything else is irrelevant.

The next ongoing risk is fundraising. This is going to be a very expensive renovation project which is likely to take many years to achieve. The story of the renovation will be published, and links to significant funding streams have already been suggested.

The suggested timelines for overnight stays are dependent on the progress of the building project, and may need to be delayed. However, if possible, they can also be brought forward.

The condition of the building is not currently suitable for the safety of visitors - this will be the focus for the first stage of the build project.

Officers of the company


Phil Hedley lived in Milford Haven with his family in the 1960s to 80s His family are well known in the community and currently reside in the local area. Phil has a great fondness for Stack Rock, and happy memories of exploring it in his youth! “Stack Rock Fort is a renowned landmark which is perfect for development for the benefit of the whole community”.


Phil has a range of relevant skills, experience and knowledge that will help see this project through. The most important perhaps is his sincerity, connection with the local area, infectious enthusiasm for the Project and ability to network. He has already secured the help and support of marine engineers, architectural conservation specialists, renewable energy consultants, funding experts and digital media marketing moguls to name but a few!

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Ali has been heavily engaged in local charity, community & youth work across the UK for more than 20 years. Ali’s voluntary work centres around engaging thousands of young British volunteers through outdoor activities, sport and organising events to support great causes such as The Woodlands Trust, AGE UK, Cancer Research UK, Macmillan Cancer Support, Royal British Legion and the NSPCC to name a few.


Ali’s professional interests include 20 years working in Adult Education and Apprenticeships, providing services for Children with Special Educational Needs and he is a qualified and experienced Project & Programme Manager.

An odd couple?

Phil and Ali have worked together for 15 years and become close friends during that period, they share a mutual passion and dedication for what this project can achieve for the local area and for all its service users.